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Remember just a few years ago we thought computers were making people more and more disconnected from each other? Parents were complaining about their teenagers playng computer games day and night, Hollywood stereotyped a semi-autistic "computer geek" who would rather hack into FBI mainframe tonight than go on a date. Well, maybe that was not "just a few years" ago, but more like ten years ago. And maybe you don't remember that because today a thought that computers disconnect people from society sounds like nonsense. With the advent of social networks it became clear that it was just a begining of the big change, the initial stages of the new way we people communicate, the new way we connect. Today people share their pictures, ideas and opinions, exchange news, jokes, date and meet significant others, connect with old friends, meet new people, share feedback about products and services, make video calls to their relatives overseas, play multi-user games, and many other things, all online. And that's certainly not the limit, there are many other ways we will communicate in the future with the help of computers. The world is getting smaller, so our social networks will become multi-national, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual. Unity Media Group is helping companies connect their users. We operate multi-national social network connecting people from other countries, remove language barriers, create truly global community. Currenly our main focus is international dating, our end users come from over 50 countries (mostly USA, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe). We are also working on social projects in several other directions: audio and video conferencing, international adoption and international job placement. We are strictly business-to-business company, we invite companies who operate in any of the above mentioned fields and who want to go global to partner with us.



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We are inviting existing sites, experienced webmasters and SEO, to join our social network. When you join our community, your users become a part of our global network, which create boundless communication opportunities for them. Yet every partner retains control of his or her own users. This unique arrangement allows both to create one of the largest databases of users of its kind, at the same time creating unmatched income potential for the partnering businesses. Please contact us with your information. We review all applications carefully, most of our partners are selected based on recommendations, so references are welcome. We provide our partners with endless income opportunities, but the rules of our network have a very high ethical standard. We do not allow any "gray" internet marketing methods. We are currently working with over 2000 partners worldwide, including USA, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine.

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